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How to "build" a working Isolator using the ISO-1 Built And Tested PCB.
Posted on:  3/15/2013  by Pern

This post will show how to "build" a working Isolator in a 19" 1U enclosure. You don't have to follow this 100% if you don't want to, but this is how i do it.
What you need:

- 1 * ISO-1 Introduction kit  (If you don't have that and just the PCB you need the parts below the PCB on this image also) :
You also need:
- 1 * 19" 1U enclosure.
- 1 * 18V AC Wall wart adapter
- 2 * M3 Screws.
- Internal wiring cable.

Enclosure Drilling 
This is the holes that you must drill:
- Rear:  4 RCA Chassis holes.  1 DC Jack hole.
- Bottom:  2 holes for the rear PCB holding M3 screws.
- Front:  3 Potentiometer holes. 1 LED holder hole.

All ALPS RK27 potentiometers have a little "guiding pin" left to the potentiometer shaft (see left potentiometer). If you want to keep it you also have to drill a hole for it on the front panel. I always remove this and never drill that hole, all you need is a std wirecutter to remove it (see right potentiometer).

This image shows what the different wire connectors etc. are used for on the PCB.
And here the "DC OUT" in more detail.

Grounding Wires
You need 2 grounding wires, one connected to the grounding pins of the RCA Chassis connectors and one Enclosure grounding wire. I mostly do the enclosure grounding like this. On the rear left PCB holding M3 screw i add a solder tag and solder the wire to that (solder tag is included in the introduction offer kit). If the enclosure is painted like this is, you must first remove the paint below the solder tag.

When you add the PCB later these 2 ground wires are connected to the DC OUT GND connector (Blue - Middle one).


DC Jack and LED wiring
Next i add the wires to the DC Jack and the Front Panel LED. I also use some heat shrink tubing for protection.

And after that add the DC Jack and LED to the enclosure


Audio Wires
I always use high quality shielded audio wires so that is used here also. The wire ends that are connected to the PCB have pre-soldered wire ends and heat shrink tubing. Note that the wire ground is NOT connected here.

Image of the Audio wire at the RCA chassis connectors end. Here the wire gound is connected to the same ground wire as the RCA connectors.

Everything  added and connected.

Done - Time to have fun with it  :-)

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